Elite Attachments

Company Info

Elite Attachments Australia Pty Ltd offers high quality and well-engineered earthmoving attachments for a wide range of applications, with a focus on single-pin automatic quick hitches.

Whilst relatively new to the quick hitch scene, the name Elite Attachments has been around since 1999 providing high performance attachments for a wide range of earthmoving applications. With a new focus on auto-locking quick hitches, Elite Attachments Australia’s Auto Lock™ is the simplest single-pin auto-locking quick hitch in the world.

With over 30 years’ experience in most aspects of earthmoving design, Elite Attachments Australia channel this expertise into the development of simple, reliable and safe quick hitches to suit a wide range of machines and applications. Elite Attachments Australia can, at the request of the customer, customise hitches to suit a customer’s application, without compromising hitch quality or design integrity. With their focus on concise design, product integrity and customer service, Elite Attachments Australia is rapidly becoming a popular choice for the supply of simple, reliable and affordable auto-locking quick hitches around Australia.

The Elite Attachments Australia’s Auto Lock™ quick hitch is a concentrated effort to simplify and refine a part of excavator works that can sometimes be unreliable and a hassle for operators. By removing unnecessary components, Elite have arrived at a hitch with only three parts: a body, a slide and a hydraulic cylinder. The Auto Lock™ quick hitch, with its mechanically simple and robust design, will eliminate the frustrations that many operators feel towards quick hitches.

Located in Melbourne, Elite Attachments Australia currently supplies their Auto Lock™ quick hitch to all customers, both local and inter-state.